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Cannabis edibles are more popular than ever before. In the age of proper dosage, accurate warning labels, and widespread education on how much cannabis is too much (or too little), edibles are a convenient and familiar way to explore the plant.

Back in the day, weed edibles were quite intimidating: they were typically packed with high levels of THC and were rarely user-friendly for those who were brand new to the plant.

However, recent restrictions on levels of THC per edible and regulations that require brands to properly label each product with ingredient details have totally changed the edible game. 

This has resulted in cannabis products that are safe, manageable, and a great way to foray into cannabis if you don’t want to start by hitting a bong or vape.

Today, there are a wide variety of edibles available in the legal market, and certainly something for every consumer.

Whether you opt for a piece of candy, a beverage, a savory snack, or the ever-classic pot brownie, there are plenty of infused edibles available and ready for you to try. 


Making cannabis edibles involves infusing cannabutter or oil into whatever food you're cooking.

You can infuse just about any kind of edible wtih cannabutter or oil.


Making cannabis edibles is as simple as infusing cannabutter or oil into whatever you’re concocting – or even adding a few drops from your favorite cannabis tincture.

However, this can result in your weed edibles sort of tasting like…well, weed, if you’re not careful.

To ensure your cannabis products are potent and effective while still tasting delicious (and not like you’re literally biting into a cannabis leaf), brands work extra hard on the flavoring: a.k.a., adding seasoning, spices, and other popular baking or cooking accouterments to the mix.

This is increasingly explored in today’s legal weed market, where cannabis products are more diverse.

Many cannabis gummies and other infused foods taste nothing like the plant at all, but others do have a hint of that familiar dank flavor.


As we mentioned, today’s market enjoys a wide variety of edible types and flavors, and here are some of the most popular amongst modern consumers, as outlined by industry data expert Headset


Weed gummies highly dominate the food edible sector, with 71.1 percent of U.S. consumers opting for this type of edible.

Edible gummies come in a wide range of flavors, from old favorites like strawberry and blueberry to more unique offerings like hibiscus or date.

Weed gummies are the most popular cannabis edible.

What is it about weed gummies that makes them so popular?


Caramels, chews, and taffies are a close second to gummies, but a significantly less number of consumers go for these, at 10.2 percent for the U.S. and 14.2 percent for Canada. While caramels taste like – you guessed it, caramel – chews and taffies can come in fruit or chocolate-forward flavors.


Chocolate is a very close second to caramels, chews, and taffies, making up for 10.1 percent of edible sales in the U.S. market.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even horchata and donut-flavored chocolates have hit the market.

Chocolate is another very popular cannabis edible.



Although brownies are the most widely-recognized form of cannabis edible, reaching back to days of prohibition, they make up quite a small portion of today’s weed edible sales.

Brownies, cookies, blondies, and cereal bars collectively make up less than five percent of sales.

Chocolate chip are the most popular but fun flavors like churro and macadamia have also risen in popularity.

Cannabis-infused cookies don't make up a large percentage of weed edible sales.


Gummies, move aside. Beverages (not to be confused with cannabis tinctures) have quickly gained a monopoly on the edibles market, with most edible sales within the past few years being beverages.

This edible option is great for new consumers in particular, as they are easily dosable, fun to consume, and great for saving for later if you don’t want to take on the entire product at once.

A wide variety of cannabis drinks have hit dispensary shelves, from sodas to lemonades to non-alcoholic beers and wines.

Weed edibles such as cannabis-infused beverages have become very popular.

Are you into cannabis beverages?


Within the realm of edible flavors lives a wide variance of source material, from resin and ice water hash to distillate.

The end result flavor of your edibles can vary greatly depending on what source material you utilize to create your edibles.


Live resin edibles are newer to the scene and tend to be higher in potency.

However, they tend to blend very well with other ingredients, offering a clean flavor that can easily be masked when cooking.

Live resin is created by putting frozen plants through solvent extraction, like butane or propane. 

Live resin is a popular source material for weed edibles.

Live resin edibles are newer to the scene, but as you imagined, highly potent.


Ice water hash is one of the most potent and powerful concentrates on the market, and as a result, can have a very potent taste that is difficult to mask.

The process involves placing cannabis in ice water, agitating the mixture, and ultimately breaking off the trichomes.

If utilizing this medium, brands may need to increase your spice/seasoning game to mask the powerful flavor.


Many consumers prefer edibles made with distillate, an extract created through a process that includes molecular distillation.

Plant material is heated to the point of vaporization before the sought-after material is decondensed and collected.

Edibles made with this method tend to have a milder flavor with powerful effects. Consumers also report that distillate edibles tend to result in a more energetic high that doesn’t last as long as other types of edibles.


Newer brands of edibles are dabbling with water-soluble powder: a fast-acting, THC-infused dissolvable powder that can be infused with just about anything ingestible.

These powders can be pretty strong, resulting in a potent high, and are created via the nanoemulsion process, where ultrasonic waves shatter molecules into nanoparticles before infusion.

If you’re interested in trying cannabis edibles for the first type, there are plenty of options on the market.

Just make sure to do your homework, figure out what source material makes the most sense for your desired results, and follow your favorite flavor to ensure it’s an all-around enjoyable experience. 


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